Personalized Ayurveda Yoga gift set

Unique handmade Wooden Mandala, 7 Chakras natural essential oils, Greeting card, filler natural moss


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Yoga meditation and relaxation gift set consist of:

– Unique personalized wooden keepsake box with the natural moss inside. At the top of the box there is the place for your custom text;

– Handcrafted wooden wall hanging Mandala with the golden pattern;

– Set of 7 natural essential oils:

Rose for the Crown Chakra (Violet) 10 ml
Patchouli for the Third Eye Chakra (Indigo) 10 ml
Rosemary for Throat Chaka (Blue) 10 ml
Lavender for Heart Chakra (Green) 10 ml
Lemon for Solar Plexus Chakra (Yellow) 10 ml
Sandalwood for Sacral Chakra (Orange) 10 ml
Ylang Ylang for Base Chakra (Red ) 10 ml

Each glass bottle packed in small handmade jute bag with the engraved wooden tags.

– The handmade Card


The Box 37 -24- 9
The Mandala 18 cm


– At the central part of the box could be engraved any custom text.

These relaxation and meditation set is a great gift for yourself or any Yogis, Yoga lovers or Yoga teacher.

This gift box is ready to ship in 4/6 business days.